Mindset of the Empowered Woman - Personal Safety for Women
Course Dates & Registration Links:

July 21st

Hours: 2 PM to 5 PM

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August 10th

Hours: 2 PM to 5 PM

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Course Fee:

$15 per person. Cash or credit card (no checks)

Course Description:

Designed with women’s safety in mind, this class shatters the myth that most acts of violence are random and predictable. This 2 1/2 hour program empowers students by introducing the concept of situational awareness, diagramming the fi ve stages of the violent criminal attack and by breaking down the principles of Social Engineering, providing insight and a clear understanding of the tactics and methods of psychological manipulation that criminal predators rely upon to lure potential victims. This program will also compare and contrast various self-defense system options, including pepper spray, fi rearms, martial arts, knives and stun-guns to provide the student with the knowledge necessary to make the right personal choice in selecting a weapons system for self-defense. The threat of violence surrounds us every day. Mindset of the empowered Woman teaches students how to recognize the danger signals that are so often missed...or ignored. This course will not only educate and empower you, but it might just save your life./p>

Course Instructor:

The lead instructor for Mindset for the Empowered Women is Keith Hanson. With a 15-plus year law enforcement career in a variety of capacities, Keith Hanson now trains federal, state and local law enforcement officers, maintaining four federal law enforcement active shooter response instructor ratings along with instructor credentials in three tactical counterterrorism disciplines. He is a certified law enforcement firearms trainer with multiple instructor ratings in tactical pistol, tactical patrol rifle and tactical shotgun, basic SWAT operator, breaching skills, SWAT medic and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS). He is also a court-recognized expert witness focusing on law enforcement training, use-of-force, and criminal and civil liability surrounding use-of-force applications..

Contact Information:

E-mail the instructor, Keith Hanson, at khanson@gunsnh.com for more information or click register to enroll for a class.