Covid-19 Updates
Updated 11/20/2020


Our public indoor shooting range is open to Members and Non-members.


Regular business hours are in effect. Sunday through Friday 10am-8pm and Saturday 9am-8pm.


If you have an ANY visible sign of any illness, you will NOT be permitted to stay. If you feel ill in any way, we ask that you refrain from coming until at least 14 days have past from your last symptom. Our team has also been instructed not to come in ill.


Per the mandate set forth by Governor Sununu, customers and staff must wear face coverings. Customers may be asked to temporarily remove masks for identifying purposes. Customers MUST wear face coverings during instructions.


The health and safety of both our team and our customers has always been our number one priority and we remain committed to that cause. Hand sanitizer wipes are provided at the entrance of the building and when you exit the range. We ask that you wipe your hands or wash them in the restroom upon arrival. As a reminder, customers that are visibly ill will not be permitted to stay. There are clear markings on the floor to promote social distancing. We have also ramped up our already stellar cleanliness guidelines by sanitizing each shooting bay between customers and disinfecting surfaces as much as possible.


We have a full pro shop, with many firearms in stock for sale or trade as well as consignment options. We have a good selection of ammunition, restrictions may apply. Please follow social distancing guidelines by standing 6’ away from staff and other customers.


Rather than breathing in a room of stagnant air, both of our state-of-the-art ranges filter air on the way in and then push it at high rates of speed, away from your face and down range constantly. Based on this science of our range, the air filtration and exchange rate gives you fresh, clean air throughout your visit. We have also always maintained high standards of sanitation and cleanliness long before this pandemic. Providing a clean range and air quality system to keep our staff and customers safe from lead. Even still, for the comfort and safety of both you and our team, we are practicing the social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC, by keeping a limited amount of guests in each range and classroom. We will also continue watching the guidelines provided by both state and local health officials and will make necessary changes as they arise.


It’s incredibly rewarding to put the mind at ease of those anxious to learn to protect themselves and their families. If you are new to gun ownership, or considering it for the first time, you found the perfect place! Our staff are friendly, patient and have a passion for teaching. Please let us help you learn about the safety, responsibility and care for your new firearm. Knowledge IS Power and we have had the privilege to teach and empower many at this time of uncertainty. Prior to all personal instruction, you will be asked to fill out a Covid-19 Prescreening Questionnaire and a face covering is required during the instruction.


Thank you for your support as we navigate the changing ammunition shortage. We promise to work hard to keep as much supply as possible and at prices that are reasonable in regards to the fluctuating supply and demand. We have been working tirelessly to keep ammunition in stock for you and will continue to do so.


As long as we are able, we will be here for you! Rather than focus on the media and the disease, this is a time for us to be there for each other. It's an opportunity to see the good in others and for real character to shine through during an ugly time. We feel incredibly blessed to have been placed with an amazing team at this unprecedented time in our lives and we thank them, from the bottom of our hearts, for their dedication to Team MFL.The pandemic has disrupted all of our lives, but we are strong and we will get through this together! Stay safe everyone. God Bless.