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Jun 05




Win a $50 Gift Certificate!

This is your chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate! The winner will be announced July 5th! Here's how to enter: We have a new billboard on Main Street in Nashua NH. Find it and take a selfie with it. Then post it on  your Facebook tag us and give our page a Like or post it on Instagram with #TeamMFL and follow our page @Manchesterfiringline. We will randomly choose the winner from these submissions. Please remember NH has a hands free driving law! We want selfies not accident photos!


Here you can see what our billboard looks like.

Apr 29



Team MFL enters into USPSA

Rick attends his first USPSA match of the season

Starting early in the morning Rick drove out to Pioneer Sportsmen Club of Dunbarton NH to attend his first USPSA match of the season. Bringing his humble H&K VP9 to compete in the Limited category against highly modified race guns (minus muzzle brakes and optics) he represented well. After running through 7 different stages he came away with a 13th ranking in his division against a total of 25 contestants. He placed 37th in the overall event against everyone including the Open class (where the race guns take on optics and muzzle brakes) out of 105 competitors. He even managed to clinch being the second most accurate of his division with only one person scoring 5 more Alpha hits then him. Next time he hopes to have more practice and maybe a few upgrades to give him a greater edge.

Apr 27



Team MFL takes to the Competitions

Rick goes to his first IDPA match of the season

One of our Team MFL Competition Shooters, Rick Dowd, attended his first match of the season. It was an IDPA match at Harvard Sportsmans Club. It was both an IDPA classifier as well as 3 non classifier stages. Rick started as an unclassified shooter. He worked hard and placed 4th in his division of unclassified and firearm class of Standard Service Pistol. With his trusty H&K VP9 he was able to move up two divisions to Marksman and was only 6.13 seconds shy of a Sharpshooter classification. As this is just the begining he has his eyes on that Sharpshooter classification. You can see him next Sunday at Pioneer Sportsmans Club for a USPSA competition.




Apr 23



A Hero visits the range

NH Gold Star Families brings Cpl Woody Williams to MFL

On this Saturday, April 23rd a local Marine and hero came into the range to visit us. Corporal Woody Williams wanted to come visit the range that was supporting the NH Gold Star Families Memorial Monument fund that he himself is supporting and acting as a spokesman for. This gentleman and hero was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on February 23rd 1945 in support of the battle for Iwo Jima that he and his fellow Marines were undertaking. He is currently doing everything in his power to support this foundation in order to give the Gold Star families of NH the credit and monument they deserve.

After attending and speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the monument he wanted to come in and visit us here at MFL and see what we were all about. He took the time to come and speak with every staff member on shift that day and stated how proud he was to come and visit such a dedicated staff.

Apr 02



I’m #1 (At Least for the Next 5 Minutes). By Dana Benner

  It is day two of the fundraiser to help erect a memorial honoring the Gold Star families.  After signing in and while waiting for my name to be called, I walked over to the wall paying homage to all of my Brothers and Sisters.  Some have come home and some have not.  From there I went to the wall where the leader from day one of the shoot was posted.  It was none other than Alan Ouellette, the brother of Corporal Michael Ouellette, in whose honor this shoot is being held.  Alan’s score was 18.

     When my name was called it was none other than Alan who was going to be scoring me.  With the target set at 60 feet, 10 rounds were loaded into the 9mm Glock.  It was now up to me.  In a matter of a few minutes it was over and Alan was adding up my points.  I got 20, beating his score by two.  That put me on top; for now.

     As of this writing there have been 10 shooters who have participated.  I appeal to all you fellow Vets out there.  It is not a matter of winning or losing.  This is a great cause; one that honors all of our families.  After all, they are the ones who make the greatest sacrifices.

     This shoot runs the entire month, so get down there.

Mar 23



Shooting Contest to Honor NH's Gold Star Families

There is no greater honor than making the commitment to serve your country in the military. When we sign our names to that piece of paper we all know that there is always that possibility that we may be called upon to defend our country and possibly give our lives. This is a risk that we willingly take. After all, freedom is not free. While all of us some; some of us give all.

Some call us heroes, but that is a title that none of us has asked for nor want. The real heroes are those people who have stood, and still stand, behind us; our families. Without our families we wouldn’t be able to do the jobs that need to be done. Having served 12 years in the U.S. Army, I remember looking forward to mail call; to getting those “care packages” from home. Boxes filled with cookies and brownies that were shared with your brothers and sisters. These were the little things that kept me going. Thanks Mom.

Starting April 1st and running the entire month of April, Manchester Firing Line in Manchester, New Hampshire, is hosting a shooting contest to raise money to fund a monument dedicated to  NH’s Gold Star Families. The event is being held in honor of USMC Corporal Michael Oulette who gave his life on March 22, 2009 saving the lives of his fellow Marines in Afghanistan. For his sacrifice Corporal Oulette was awarded Navy Cross (posthumously). Semper Fi, Corporal Oulette.

For a $20.00 entry fee shooters are given a Glock handgun, 10 rounds of ammo and one target, with the target set at 60 feet. The person with the most points at the end of April will be awarded a Glock handgun on 5/1/17. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter.

For more information go to or call Manchester Firing Line at (603)-668-9015

By Dana Benner

To view this article on ODU Magazine website please follow the link to NH's Gold Star Families 

Mar 10



Manchester Firing Line Featured in ODU Magazine

Manchester Firing Line was featured in ODU Magazine "No matter how high tech an operation is it still takes great people to keep it going. The staff here is extremely professional; from the people behind the counter to those guys in the back that keep the range in tip top condition. If you have questions, there is someone there who can answer them. Perhaps this is your first time shooting. There are people there who can teach you the ropes. Maybe you want to try a firearm before you go out and buy it. This is the place to do it as they have many firearms available. In other words, this is a top notch operation and it is the people who make it this way..."

Dec 09



Manchester Firing line Donated over 3k to Lowell General Hospital

Walk for Cancer

MFL is happy to announce the presentation of a $3,000 check to Lowell General Hospital's Team Walk for Cancer this morning. Thanks to all our customers for supporting such a great and personal campaign. Without them they couldn't of made this happen.

Dec 08



Support our Toys for Tots Drive

Donate today!

Please stop in to support our TOYS FOR TOTS toy drive! It's our last couple of days to fill these boxes! Meet our very own LCPL Rick Dowd from Bravo Company 1/25. He has gifts from the Marines and Manchester Firing Line to give YOU as you drop off a new, unwrapped toy to ensure that one less child goes without a toy this Christmas. No purchase necessary, stop by, say Hi, and we thank you for your support!

Nov 23



First Annual Turkey Shoot

WINNER: Graham Grassett

Manchester Firing Line's first Annual Turkey Shoot CHAMPION! Graham's HIGH SCORE OF 88 won him two FRESH TURKEY'S from Raymond's Turkey Farm in Methuen, MA. One Turkey was donated to New Horizon's for New Hampshire Soup Kitchen in Graham's name and the other went home for Graham to enjoy this Thanksgiving! CONGRATULATIONS!

Nov 23



Turkey Shoot Donation to New Horizons

Since New Horizons does so much to support our Veteran's, we felt it was appropriate to bring our Active Duty National Guard employees to join us to make this donation in the name of our Turkey Shoot Champion; Graham Grassett. Thank you both for your hard work and for your service AAron Hickey and Rick Dowd.