Tattoos 4 Guns is the in-house laser engraving and Cerakote service at Manchester Firing Line. We are staffed 7 days a week with talented artists and designers that will work with you on every step of the process- bringing your ideas into reality. Walk-ins are welcome any day! We have a selection of tattoo style "flash" art to choose from, as well as a large selection of fonts for text and monograms. Our on-site precision laser marking and engraving service is not just for firearms, but also knives, jewelry, magazines and more! We can convert sketches and graphics into custom engraved works-of-art on a multitude of surfaces including (but not limited to) steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, fine metals, some polymers, stone and more. Our engraving styles range from deep cut engraving to surface annealing and all are very finely detailed.

Customization provides a unique way to make a statement, it provides means to honor a fallen friend or relative, or even create a one-of-a-kind heirloom. With our ability to work with a broad range of materials and designs, we can collaborate with you to create your loving gift, statement, or memento that will be cherished by future generations. We can engrave service pistols with your unit crest, a retirement gift with dates of service, or we can make a design commemorating your favorite sports team... The possibilities are truly endless!

Our capabilities range from decorative surface etching, to NFA specified Depth ENGRAVING for Class III requirements; we can even stipple polymer grips for that CUSTOM look and feel on your CCW handgun! (At this time we are only equipped to stipple GLOCK brand black polymer). Come in and see our workshop in action, we would love to collaborate and help you make something that truly represents YOU!

Cerakote is now available! Call or email us with any questions, or drop by the engraving counter in Manchester Firing Line. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different than the others?
We have a team of talented artists that will design something for you as simple as a name or monogram or as complex as a landscape or scrollwork. We offer everything from sentimental spoons to full firearm customization. Our versatility is unlike most firearms engravers and is as personalized as a tattoo, we're not like the store at the mall that will slap on some initials from a small selection of fonts. We create works of art.

Can I see your design before you engrave my gun?
YES! We will create a mock-up of our design and confirm it with you before we do our final engraving if you wish. You can also just give us an idea and say "surprise me" and we'll put our artistic talents to work creating something amazing for you. 

What format of images can you engrave?
If you’d like to find or make your own images, think high contrast, solid black and white. The best results are from image searches for .svg files. We will gladly do this part for you, of course. We can process sketches, drawings and other non-vector images, though sometimes it takes a bit longer. Full color paintings, photographs, gradients and low resolution images do not process well, for these types of images we will put together a new vectorized version.

How does pricing work? 
Prices vary depending on design time, detail and materials. For example, we will engrave our tattoo-style "flash" or 1-5 words of text for $25 on your slide as a walk-in. Our NFA engravings are $55. Full slide customization for pistols runs around $250. Cerakote work ranges from a $65 minimum to $500+ for elaborate themed projects. Please note that we have a disassembly/reassembly fee for any Cerakote work- bring parts in fully stripped down to save. Contact us at the email or phone number below, or stop by our counter for more detailed price estimates.

What materials can you engrave?
We run a fiber laser that can engrave metals, acrylic, some polymers, and stone. We are not currently equipped to engrave wood. You can bring in your own items for us to engrave or you can choose from our selection of flatware, keychains, ornaments, knives, axes, and more.

What is the best way to correspond?
Our design staff is in 7-days a week as a walk-up counter inside Manchester Firing Line. Many engravings can be done during a 15-20 minute walk-in. We also have a wide selection of tattoo style flash. For further inquiries, see our contact information below.

Where can we see your prior work?
At this time, our only online gallery is on Instagram under the handle @tattoos4guns. You can also come into the store at Manchester Firing Line any day of the week and view our slide show gallery of work at the Tattoos 4 Guns counter. Many of our past projects are posted on pinterest here:

What is your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time varies depending on the design and materials. If you wanted one flash style image on your slide, that can be done in a 10-20 minute walk-in appointment. NFA engravings take 20-25 minutes as a walk-in as well. A full firearm customization such as a Glock with an all-over slide design and grip stippling usually takes 1-2 weeks. Designs with Cerakote can take up to 1-2 months.




Phone: 603-668-9015

Instagram: @tattoos4guns